Jan White Natural Play

Natural Play, Natural Growth, in the Early Years

Talks by Jan White

I have many inspiring, informative and practically realistic presentations, showing images of excellent practice outdoors from settings across the UK and overseas (including Scandiavia, Germany, Dubai and Australia).  This list gives an idea of the range of possible themes – talks are 1 hr or 1.5 hrs depending on the specific presentation (the longer times give opportunties for audience discussion)

  • Creating an Inspirational Outdoor Environment for Deep-level Learning

“Very well presented, fantastic information and easy listening, very inspirational.” Early Years Practitioner, Newcastle

“Really enjoyed the course. Jan provided some very good ideas and had the materials to allow us to see it in practice.” Nursery Teacher, Bradford

 “Fantastic thank you, so many great ideas and the confidence to build upon and justify why we are doing it.” Nursery Nurse, Sunderland

“It was excellent. So many amazing ideas to create learning and fun outside.” FS2 Teacher, Barnsley

  • The Special Nature of the Outdoors

Talk given at Sightlines Initiative conferences, Alnwick Gardens, June 2008 & Sept 2009

  • Effective Resources for Rich and Satisfying Outdoor Play

“Wow! Photos were just so powerful and inspirational.” Nursery Teacher, Liverpool

“Lots of exciting ideas.  Very thought-provoking.  I will be rethinking my ideas about our outdoor resources.” Deputy Head

Another fabulous course from Jan.  everything I wanted to know and a barrowload of common sense.” Reception Teacher

“Excellent, so clearly delivered mixing theory findings in a practical context.” Foundation Unit Manager

“Very stimulating – provided us with the next steps.” Deputy Head

  • What Makes an Inspirational and Effective Outdoor Environment for Young Children?

Talk given at Wingate Training & Resource Base conference, June 2010

“Jan is very thought provoking in her delivery style and all practitioners came away with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.” Assistant Team Manager, Norfolk County Council

“Truly inspirational – will be recommending that more staff come.” Assistant Head

“Very inspirational, lots of good practical ideas as well as the thinking behind it.” Nursery Teacher

“Very good, relaxed approach, great topic knowledge, lots of good visual ideas.” Manager, Private Nursery, Norfolk

  • A Generous Environment Outdoors: Creating Rich Contexts for Play and Thinking Outdoors

“Wonderful and inspiring” Volunteer at Children’s Centre

“Just what I wanted to hear – really interesting” Foundation Stage Co-ordinator, Oldham

“It has enabled me to feel more confident to provide outdoor provision at low cost”! Reception Teacher

“Lots of ideas to use inexpensive real things.  Children make their own environments.”  Teacher

“Excellent, really made me think about how to set up my new area!” Teacher Yr1

  • Developing Rich and Enjoyable Outdoor Play in Winter

“Absolutely excellent – very motivational.” Teacher, Oldham

“Brilliant!  What wonderful ideas delivered with such enthusiasm.” F.S. Manager, Thameside

“Another excellent session – could listen to Jan White all day.  Inspirational and full of excellent content.” Early Years Practitioner, Children’s Centre

“Well organised and clear.  Great ideas. Not long enough.” Reception Teacher , Doncaster

“Really good strong ideas to promote outdoor play” Early Years Educator

  • Physical Development as a Prime Area of Learning and Development through Outdoor Play

Talk given at the Nursery World EYFS Review conference, London, Dec 2011

  • Providing Movement-Rich Outdoor Play: Meeting the Developmental Needs of Young Children through Play Outdoors

Talk given at NIPPA conference, Northern Ireland, June 2008; IFDICO International conference, Cork Ireland, April 2009; Kerry Childcare conference, Kerry Ireland, May 2010

  • Supporting the Development of Communication and Language through Outdoor Provision

“Really good! I’m inspired to develop our outdoor area in new fun and exciting ways and overcome any boundaries we have.”

“Excellent course has provided lots of stimulus for discussion and has made us as a group rethink our outside space and resources.”

 “This has not only opened my eyes to all the possibilities of providing a language-rich environment, but also given me lots of practical ideas.”

“Brilliant – very well worth giving up a Saturday AM – Thank you

“Excellent presentation – enthusiasm passed on with numerous positive, useful ideas for brining new ideas to the outdoors.”

  • Being Mathematical Outdoors: Mathematical Learning in the Outdoor Environment

“Excellent – so stimulating – absolutely loved it”! FS2 Coordinator

“Really good theory into practice.  So many maths courses are too abstract for early years children but this was perfectly pitched.” Deputy Head, Children’s Centre

“Wow, so inspirational! I’m buzzing with new ideas – Thank you.” Teaching Assistant

“Super – really great content, information, explanation and ideas.  Really well presented – very engaging.” FS Leader/ Assistant Headteacher

“Excellent – I really liked all the photos – good to see real life!” Early Years Class Teacher

  • Supporting Young Children’s Schematic Thinking in the Outdoor Environment (3-5 yrs)

A 1.5 hour presentation with short discussion breaks examining some of the main schematic interests shown by young children, why the outdoors is so good at supporting schematic enquiry and the most effective materials to make constantly available outdoors.

  • Supporting the Schematic interests of Babies, Toddlers & Two Year-olds Through Being Outdoors

New talk Spring 2012

  • Providing a nurturing and engaging outdoor environment that meets the needs of babies, toddlers and two year-olds

Talk given at Nursery World Outdoor Play conference, Birmingham, May 2010

  • Creating a Rich Environment for Learning and Development: Digging, Gardening and Growing

“An outstanding course encompassing everything that I would like to achieve through outdoor learning with my children.” EYFS Teacher

“A Fantastic course which has inspired me and has given me more knowledge about developing provision for digging, gardening and growing.” Nursery Teacher

 “Refreshing and inspirational!” FS Team Leader

“Great – enthusiastic trainer which ignites your enthusiasm.” Manager

“Really inspired me and can’t wait to get stuck into mud pie making.” Nursery Nurse, Private Nursery

  • Learning in the Outdoors Playing in Nature, Playing with Nature (a 2 hr practical session)

“Fabulous.  Fantastic outdoor ideas with everyday basic items and lots provided by nature herself!” Assistant Headteacher, Nursery School

“I was gladly pleased the course was an outside hands-on activity.” Early years Practitioner

“Very inspiring – yet again!” Teacher Early Years (Independent School)

“I have gained awareness of how easy it is to enrich the environment for children using everyday materials.” Deputy Manager, Preschool Playgroup

“Great being out of the classroom environment.” Nursery Practitioner

  • Bringing the Natural World to Young Children Through Provision Outdoor

Companion visual presentation/ indoor alternative for the practical session above (also offered as a full day course – see courses)

See full day courses

2 thoughts on “Talks by Jan White

  1. We have just developed a mud kitchen, inspired by your articles and Forest School training. The PLA are going to feature our pre-school in their February
    Under 5 magazine, as we are one of their accredited pre-schools who have achieved level 3 . I was wondering if I should link to your blog, as we used it for inspiration when writing our report ?

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