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Natural Play, Natural Growth, in the Early Years

Courses by Jan White

Training days are discussed and negotiated to meet the need, and usually run from 9.30am to 3.30pm.  To give an idea of the range of possibilities, the following list gives the titles of full day courses I have recently provided. 

  • The Great Escape: Taking Learning Outdoors in the Early Years (on-site, whole team training day)

“Since the training day, we have all felt more inspired and confident during outdoor play.  We’ve gathered together lots of new things for the children to use out there (logs, bricks, tarpaulin, tyres, etc.) and already tried lots of exciting new activities outside.  The children seem to be loving it!” Staff Team, Private Nursery

“The whole team approach has been an effective way to get everyone onboard.  The staff are much more confident and are standing back and observing children closely, thinking more carefully about their role.  The children are getting more time and more variety of experiences outside, and there is more join-up between in and out.” Manager, Private Nursery

  • Creating an Inspirational and Effective Outdoor Environment for Well-Being and Learning

“Excellent – well researched and infectious – inspirational! Thank you.” Headteacher

“Great to be with such depth of interest and enthusiasm.” Governor, Derbyshire

“I feel I’m coming away excited and enthused by outdoor play.” Reception Class Teacher

  • Leading Change in Outdoor Provision and Practice (a course for managers and leaders)

“Fantastic. Never been to a course which was so inspiring.” Head of After School & Holiday Club

“Fantastic! Best course I have been on – by far.” Reception Teacher

“The course was delivered in an exceptional way and filled me with motivation.”  Acting Childcare Manager

“Brilliant – good balance between theory and practical activities.” Assistant Head

“Thought provoking course which will help me to reassess the outdoors provision with new eyes.” Assistant Head

“Jan was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic.” Headteacher

  • Supporting Young Children’s Well-Being Through Provision Outdoors

New course Spring 2012 developing from the talk on this subject – see ‘Talks’ for evaluation comments

  • Developing Quality Outdoor Learning: Outdoor Provision Across the Year

“The course was the right mix of theory, pedagogy and practical ideas.” Deputy Headteacher

“A fantastic course – plenty of time to discuss ideas.” Assistant Headteacher

“Very enjoyable, practical, idea inspiring and thought provoking.” Nursery Teacher

“Great delivery on the content of the course, lovely to have experiences both the outdoors and the resources.” Teaching Assistant

  • An Enabling Environment Outdoors Through a Focus on Water Play

“Fantastic! Jan’s passion is evident and it provides inspiration of where to go next to improve outdoor play and learning.” Early Years Teacher

“Very informative, good balance of practical and theory.” Assistant Head

“I really enjoyed exploring different ideas and different ways of doing things.” Early Childhood Educator, Children’s Centre

“Fun – liked the practical side also.” Nursery Nurse, School

  • Developing Imaginative and Creative Play in the Outdoor Environment

“Great mix of theory and practical.  Very clear and inspiring.” Foundation Stage Leader

“Fantastic course with lots of ideas, tips, practical advice but also provision of theory behind the practice and matching to the EYFS.” Teacher, Children’s Centre

“Fantastic, Jan’s enthusiasm is contagious!” Children’s Centre Worker

“Very good.  Lots of good ideas and things to think about from a child’s perspective.” Nursery Teacher

“Got a lot out of this, to use even in Y4 where I teach at present.” Class Teacher

  • Developing Exploration and Investigation in the Outdoor Environment

“Really enjoyed today.  The course was full of information but also very practical.  Well balanced. Really helpful and useful.” Senior Nursery Nurse, Private Nursery

“Fabulous day.  Jan explained things so clearly.  It was great to mix the theory and the practical.” Early Years Coordinator

“Gained a tremendous amount of ideas that will be very useful to take back to the settings I visit.” Foundation Phase Liaison Teacher

  • Bringing the Natural World to Young Children Through Provision Outdoors

A day course examining the ways in which natural elements can be easily brought into all kinds of outdoor spaces, so that young children experience ‘every day nature’

  • Prime Areas of Learning and Development: Supporting Communication and Language through Outdoor Provision

New course Spring 2012 developing from the talk on this subject in the light of the EYFS Review changes regarding language as a Prime Area (see ‘Talks’ for evaluation comments)

  • Prime Areas of Learning and Development: Supporting Physical Development through Outdoor Play

New course summer 2012 developing from the course below in light of the EYFS Review changes regarding Physical Development

  • Meeting the Developmental Movement Needs of Young Children: Creating a Movement-Rich Outdoor Environment

“Great – I am very enthused and will take back a lot of ideas to put into practice and discuss with my team.” Reception Teacher/ Leader

“Brilliant! Very interesting and has made me reflect on my practice.” Class Teacher

“Very interesting.  I have got the outdoor bug after attending two of Jan’s courses now.  Very, very inspirational.” Early Years Assistant & EYPS Student

“Very good and informative – deepened my understanding of the importance of movement and physical play.” Nursery Teacher

  • Developing the Wonderful World of Den Play Outdoors

“I have gained some fantastic ideas for developing den play in the outdoor area and feel a real sense of how important and necessary it is!” Reception Teacher

“A Brilliant course, lots of ideas gained!” Reception Teacher

“Extremely interesting, love the hands-on approach.  A thoroughly enjoyable day.” Teaching Assistant

“Extremely interesting how much den making impacts on children.  Very fun filled course.” Teaching Assistant

“Practical activities outside really showed me how simple items can inspire children.” Foundation Teacher

  • Developing Rich Experiences for Mathematical Learning in the Outdoor Environment

“Had a really lovely interactive day.  Very informative with good ideas to aid practice.” Nursery Teacher

“Excellent ideas. Lots to try and think about.” Nursery Nurse

“Excellent course, really enjoyed the practical side to it as many others have overlooked this.” Reception Teacher

“I found this extremely interesting with some fantastic ideas.” Reception Teacher

“Wonderful.  So many ideas and thoughts; I’d need several pages.” Manager

  • Exploring Appropriate Provision Outdoors for Babies, Toddlers and Two Year Olds (courses for practitioners and for advisors)

“Motivating and inspirational. Very positive and clear delivery. Lovely supporting handouts.” Early Years Advisory Worker

“An excellent course which provided lots of ideas to support practitioners in settings.” EY Advisory Teacher

“Excellent, lots of information given and enthusiastically.  All comments listened to and questions answered.” Early Years Worker, Children’s Centre

“Thought-provoking day – opportunity to think about the needs of settings in our LA and how we can support them to develop provision for babies and 2 year olds.” Quality Development Officer

“Inspiring.  Appropriate for everyone having different roles and responsibilities – shared vision.” Nursery Teacher

  • Effective Outdoor Provision for Children Under Three: Supporting the Well-being & Development of Babies

“Brilliant informative course. Made me rethink my outdoor area.” Early years Assistant, Children’s Centre

“Very good, learned a lot of new things and ideas to go back and put into place.” Nursery Practitioner, Family Centre

“I have learnt a lot about the subject, and will go away and help our babies develop in the big wet/sunny/snowy/windy world!” Room Supervisor 0-2, Day Nursery

“Very good – made you think from the child’s point of view.” Baby Room Leader, Family Centre

“I thought it was brilliant.” Nursery Assistant (supply), Day Nursery

  • Effective Outdoor Provision for Children Under Three: Exploring Outdoor Provision for One-Year-Olds

“A motivating and stimulating course. The use of video clips provided the opportunity to look critically at very young children’s development.” CLLD/Early Years Consultant

“I enjoyed the course, and found it interesting and exciting watching the children explore in the DVDs.” Room Leader, Children’s Centre

“I really enjoyed the whole day. Jan is very knowledgeable and gave some great ideas.” Childcare Practitioner, Private Nursery

“Excellent course, loads of ideas, and geared to the age group – not just ‘adjust for younger children as necessary’. Would certainly recommend to anyone.” Assistant Manager, Day Nursery,

  • Effective Outdoor Provision for Children Under Three: Responding to the Needs of Two-Year-Olds

“Excellent and really inspiring! Thank you!” Manager, Private Nursery School

“A very useful course, which encourages you to deeply explore the behavior of 2 yr olds to better understand how they can benefit from the outdoor environment.” HTLA, Childcare Manager, Nursery School

“Very well thought out, with really good examples of films to justify the text/discussion.” Parental support Advisor, Children’s Centre

“Fantastic! Very passionate trainer.” Preschool Supervisor

Thoroughly enjoyed my day – not long enough.” Educator, Prep School

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