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Mudlark Finds * 14: The Promise

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The Promise Nicola Davies

Mudlark Find Number 14 sits within a set of books I’m collecting that might help children to consider what it is they like about their world and generate a more conscious desire to care for and protect it.  We’ve had many years, as we oh so slowly wakened up to the state of our planet’s natural ‘assets’ and the treacherous ground we are treading by not slowing down our levels of consumption and degradation, of a ‘doom and gloom’ approach to conservation.  Happily, we are now moving out of that approach towards one that recognises that optimism and hope are much more productive ways of nurturing future guardians and stewards – who feel that they want to and CAN take care of and live gently in the world.

This book seems to follow the parable of The Man Who Planted Trees, where the small but continuous efforts of one person can, with drive and persistence, in the long run have a big impact – bringing others along too.  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (attributed to Margaret Mead, source unknown).

For further inspiration, watch this incredible TED talk by Guerilla Gardener Ron Finley in South Central LA.

With this section of my website, I share some of the many wonderful treasures I dig up while researching and supporting outdoor play for children from birth to seven. I hope they inspire you too, and help you to create motivational, meaningful and satisfying outdoor play experiences for all the children you work with.

Mudlarking is the ancient practice of digging in the mud of the Thames to find treasures.  It still goes on today, uncovering and recovering some amazing artefacts from the life of London city through the centuries.  Click on this link for more information about mudlarking.

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