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Mudlark Finds *1: What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?

Mudlarking is the ancient practice of digging in the mud of the Thames to find treasures.  It still goes on today, uncovering and recovering some amazing artefacts from the life of London city through the centuries.  Click on this link for more information about mudlarking.


Futurelab – Projects Archive – Mudlarking in Deptford

With this section of my website, I want to share some of the many wonderful treasures I dig up while researching and supporting outdoor play for children from birth to seven. I hope they inspire you too, and help you to create motivational, meaningful and satisfying outdoor play experiences for all the children you work with.  Mudlark posts will be brief and to the point.

Kicking off with Mudlark Find number 1 is this super book from Nick Sharratt.  I actually chuckled (cackled?) my way through it on first reading, and think it’s a perfect companion to Mud Kitchen play – either as a response to what children say about what they’re doing and making, or as a stimulus for yet more playful and imaginative thinking.  Definitely one for the Mud Kitchen library, sitting alongside other spells and potions books.  What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? is available from Amazon here.