Jan White Natural Play

Natural Play, Natural Growth, in the Early Years

Meeting the Needs of Two Year Olds in Outdoor Play Provision, Early Years Educator, Volume 12 Issue12, April 2011



7 thoughts on “Meeting the Needs of Two Year Olds in Outdoor Play Provision, Early Years Educator, Volume 12 Issue12, April 2011

  1. Good to see you in the blogosphere, Jan. Hope you are well – certainly looks like you are busy. Best wishes with your blog and I hope you post a bit more often than me, I’m hopeless!

  2. Thanks so much for this great post on 2-year-olds! Sometimes in ece we focus so much on preschool-kindergarten and infants/toddlers, that we leave out this very important age! Thanks for reminding us about getting thoise 2-year-olds outdoors and sharing ideas for best we can support them in the outdoor environment!!

    • Hi Malisa, thanks for your comments. Yes, 2 year-olds are in a difficult place in ECE. Here in the UK we have somehow moved them from being ‘under three’ to being included with over threes, with really little thought to their specific needs – especially outdoors. Also, we have a big drive to ‘close the gap’ for 2 yr-olds living in disadvantaged conditions – but again I cannot see how this work will succeed without a big focus on being outside!

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  4. I was hoping to find a preschool class for my son (currently 2 1/2) that is outdoor oriented but am having a very difficult time. Most of the programs for 3 year olds run 2 days a week for about 2 1/2 hours. If I’m lucky, they get outside for the last 15 minutes before going home. Any ideas? I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    • HI Suzi – I know Calgary well as close family live and lived there. Outdoor and nature oriented groups are starting up all over Canada now – try using the Children and Nature Network (there is a Canadian branch) as a starting point. There is also Evergreen (I think they’re based in Vancouver) http://www.evergreen.ca – hope you find something good as it’s so important!

  5. Thanks for the info. I really want to find something which takes the learning outdoors.

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