Jan White Natural Play

Natural Play, Natural Growth, in the Early Years

Toddlers Outdoors: play, learning and development

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Toddlers thrive outside. The special nature of the outdoors suits their interests down to the ground, yet for this age group the value of play is probably least understood.

This captivating footage shows clearly what’s so special about the outdoors and why it’s essential for toddlers. It also shows how and why adults are so vital to their experiences outside.

By following six one year olds as they play outside, this film illustrates the rich experiences that are important to them. It shows what toddlers want and need to do.

By getting to know each child we’ll see what sort of things interest them most, and why. Through watching them we see what is going on for them physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively as links are made to child development for the second year of life.

What becomes evident is that they all broadly follow the same developmental trends but that each has his or her own particular schematic themes or patterns of action. It makes clear that movement and exploration is the focus for this year and that experiences develop both the brain and the body inseparably.

This film will make adults want to take toddlers outside as we see the children’s delights and discoveries so obviously helping their well being, learning and development.

The film is divided into six sections, which can be watched separately if needed.

  • Liam with mum-13 months
  • Abolfazal at nursery -15 months
  • Michael at nursery -15 months
  • Yasmine at nursery -18 months
  • Jaleel at nursery -20 months
  • Daisy with auntie -22 months

The film has been made in conjunction with outdoors specialist Jan White. She has also written the accompanying notes (48 pages).

65 mins

‘… [Toddlers Outdoors] provides such a wealth of information that can be used in so many different ways that it constitutes real value for money. The DVD and notes can be used for personal study, as part of staff a development programme or to share with parents to build their understanding of how to convey many important messages about the sorts of experiences and adult support that young children need in order to thrive.’ – Early Years Update (Issue 77, April 2010)

‘… a real pleasure to watch, with or without soundtrack… Sensitive choice has been made to ensure each unique individual is captured in a natural way but it also, collectively, presents a huge range of children’s interests, schemas and behaviours… I feel it is an invaluable resource for those studying programmes aimed at the 0-5 age phase.  I will use it to promote discussion and stimulate action planning for individual needs.’ – Wendy Thompson, Early Years Professional Programme Leader, University of Hull 

Available to purchase from Siren Films [please use reference number JW2011] – http://www.sirenfilms.co.uk/products/documentary-films/toddlers-outdoors


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